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Slipped Disc Chiropractic

Spine modelHere in Helios Chiropractic, another condition that shows best outcome after treatment is slipped disc. Excessive trauma causes the disc between the spinal bone to slipped out and pinching on the nerve causes great pain at certain movement of the spine. Our patients get immediate result when it was diagnosed and treated properly and safely.

People who are at risk of slipped disc are weightlifting athletes, overweight individuals, osteoporosis patients, office workers who sits a lot and also general worker who carries heavy things during work. These people have a higher risk of getting disc protrusion during bending and standing.

Research shows that chiropractic has the greatest prognosis when treating slipped disc. The gold standard treatment usually recommended by general practitioner are surgery. However, surgery to fix slipped disc usually results in a weaker spine and in turn can cause another case of slipped disc in the future. With chiropractic, the spine is realigned and the spaces between the spinal bone is opened up allowing the disc to move back in to its original place without compressing any surrounding nerves. Chiropractic is a less invasive method to treat slipped disc.

Preventing Reoccurrence

Since slipped disc has a high rate of reoccurrence, our chiropractors are trained to diagnose and help prevent its reoccurrence. Exercise and posture is important to prevent slipped disc. We are constantly updating ourselves with different and new protocol to help patients. In our practice, we record major improvement as fast as immediately after the first chiropractic adjustment.

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