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Slipped Disc Treatment

Spine modelAt Helios Chiropractic, we proudly treat patients who are dealing with slipped discs and want an option to heal naturally, without the need for surgery.

A slipped disc is often caused by excessive trauma between spinal bones, causing them to slip out of proper position and pinch nearby nerves which results in great pain and discomfort. Our patients get immediate results when it was diagnosed and treated properly and safely.

People who are at risk of slipped disc are weightlifting athletes, overweight individuals, osteoporosis patients, office workers who sit a lot and also a general worker who carries heavy things during work. These people have a higher risk of getting disc protrusion during bending and standing.

Scientifically Backed Techniques

Research shows that chiropractic has the greatest prognosis when treating slipped discs. The gold standard treatment usually recommended by general practitioners is surgery, however, surgery to fix slipped discs usually results in a weaker spine and in turn can cause another case of a slipped disc in the future.

With chiropractic, the spine is realigned naturally and the spaces between the spinal bone are opened up allowing the disc to move back into its original place without compressing any surrounding nerves. Chiropractic is a less invasive method to treat slipped discs.

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