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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Woman with arm raisedFrozen shoulder literally means your shoulder is frozen. You can’t move or lift your arms at the shoulders. It is painful and it feels inflamed. Patients feels frustrated as this condition affects their quality of life. Simple things like opening a door or taking something from a shelf become a hassle. There’s massive discomfort inside your shoulder and you can’t pin point an exact location. It occurs in women more often than men.

Nothing is more frustrating than not be able to lift your arm.

Sports injury like sprain and tendinitis causes inflammation of the joints of the shoulder. The shoulder is a collective of muscle and tendons connecting the arm to the body. Sports like badminton, squash, weightlifting and golf usually causes these joints to flare up causing discomfort in the shoulders. Chiropractic treatment responds well to these injuries.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of inflammatory disease that attacks the joints of the shoulders, hands and other limbs. Chiropractic also has a positive outcome when treating these conditions.

Falling on an outstretch hand usually causes the impact to goes up to the hand. Sometimes, the impact can be so much that it causes shoulder dislocation. This is considered a medical emergency. At our clinic, we do treat cases like this through shoulder reduction therapy to reduce the dislocation then through physiotherapy and follow up exercises to strengthen the shoulder joints

Bursa is small liquid cushion between the shoulder bones. When there is inflammation that causes pain and tenderness, this condition is called bursitis. Often, repetitive movement and stress causes the joints to flare up. Seeing a chiropractor before this conditions progress and becomes worse is recommended. Through adjustment and soft tissues therapy, bursitis can be treated easily.

Brachial plexus injury is classified as the injury to the nerves that runs along the hand. The collective of nerves runs along the arm is known as brachial plexus. Injury to the brachial plexus is normally cause by accident or injury. Sports injury is the most common cause. They usually manifest as numbness and tingling sensation down the arms. Gentle shoulder adjustment and addressing the cause of the injury and treating them at the source is the best treatment for this injury.

Another nerve impingement condition of the shoulder is called thoracic outlet syndrome where the nerves and blood vessels are pinched at the first rib and collar bone causing pain and numbness down the arm. Chiropractic adjustment is also advisable to this condition.

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With time, chiropractic treatment can resolve your shoulder problem and restore range of motion back to its original functionality. Call Helios Chiropractic to learn more.

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