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Meet Dr Chunkit Chen (Chiropractor)

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What I love most about being a chiropractor is helping people heal without surgery or medication. Many patients are thankful for that, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide natural care.”

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

A few years before completing his undergrad studies, Dr Chen looked into becoming a chiropractor. He knew it was something he wanted to do. Dr Chen graduated from the International Medical University Malaysia, which has a highly regarded chiropractic program.

The Importance of Spinal Care

“Your spine is one of the very few organs that can’t be replaced or transplanted. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that you take excellent care of your spine. We are here to help you in that department. Who else is better suited to take care of your spine other than your spine doctor?”

Caring for All Ages

Dr Chen finds it fulfilling to help patients of all ages. To date, he’s cared for over 3000 patients. “At Helios Chiropractic, we see patients from the day they are born up to the golden age of their lives. We are properly trained to diagnose and adjust pediatric and geriatric patients.” Dr Chen uses very light-force adjusting methods for his youngest and his oldest patients.

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Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Whether you want to have less pain and improved function so you can play with your children or grandchildren or have more energy to get through your workday, Dr Chen wants to help you.

I look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, whatever they may be.”

Outside the Practice

When he’s not caring for his patients’ spines, Dr Chen likes to work out at the gym, swim and play tennis.

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