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Muscle Strain Treatment

Man with knee painWhen the muscle is stretched beyond its range of motion, it causes localized swelling and tenderness at the muscle. It can be injured when exerting excessive force or from repetitive stress. Most of the population has at least an episode of muscle strain at one point of their life. It is very common even in patients who doesn’t exert a lot of force.

Athletes experiences muscle strain on a regular basis. Due to high intensity training of certain muscle group, swelling and tenderness is expected. While high intake of protein and massage helps, it is often very slow. By incorporating chiropractic care to the treatment, recovery rate is as short as fifty percent of normal rate.

This condition is not only limited to high performance athlete as well. You can also strain your muscle just by prolonged sitting down for a long period of time. When there is lack of movement and mobility, there is less blood circulation to the affected muscle. This causes the muscle to become tight and easily strained. This can be prevented with regular chiropractic adjustment and exercise.

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Our chiropractors understand the importance of movement and exercise of all joints. Chiropractic adjustment on a regular basis is designed to prevent the muscle and joints to tense up and causes muscle strain.


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