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Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Holding pregnant bellyStudies have shown that during pregnancy, 90 percent of expecting mothers experience back pain that is sometimes accompanied by numbness that goes down to the legs. It is very common because, during pregnancy, the body is more susceptible to any misalignment and subluxation.

During pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone’s main purpose is to loosen up and relaxes the ligaments in preparation for the pelvis to open up so the fetus can pass with ease. However, it also loosens the overall structure of the body, allowing misalignment in the bones of the spine, resulting in muscle spasms and nerve sensitivity.

Gentle & Safe Treatment

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is gentle and safe. It helps with back pain and also prevents back pain after delivery. It also relaxes the ligaments around the pelvic region which makes natural birth easier. During the second trimester, the centre of gravity changes and can cause a lot of discomfort lying down and sitting down. Chiropractic treatment relieves neck and back pain during pregnancy which in turn helps the mother to be able to maintain a healthier pregnancy.

Most females experience pain after delivery. During pregnancy, your expanding uterus is stretched, your abdominal wall is weakened, and your posture is altered. All these put a strain on your back. Now it contributes to an achy back that doesn’t go away. During this period, chiropractic adjustments speed up recovery time and help the body in normalizing pelvic and spinal positions.

Using Light Pressure

At Helios Chiropractic we received a lot of enquiry over whether it is safe for a pregnant woman to receive chiropractic adjustment. Yes, it is! Chiropractic care is considered to be very safe throughout every stage of pregnancy.

Practitioners also use gentle pressure when making adjustments. The same ligament-loosening hormones that cause the misalignments also make it easier to manipulate subluxations back into place. During the first trimester when the belly is not showing, expecting mothers can receive chiropractic adjustments like someone who isn’t pregnant. After that, a special maneuver and position are used to adjust expecting mothers to provide comfort and realignment.

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