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Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Foot massageOur muscle tends to tense up and spasm during injury or illness. This can cause swelling and inflammation to the joints affected. When there is major tension at the joints that need to be corrected, usually the muscle needs to be loosen up and relaxed before chiropractic treatment is performed. In order to loosen up the muscle tension, massage therapy is utilized to fully loosen up the muscle and surrounding joints.

Not to be confused with conventional massage therapy, our chiropractors and assistants utilize special massage and soft tissues techniques to help loosen up the muscles. Our chiropractors know the anatomy of the body well to understand that different muscle group requires different therapy and technique to treat them. They will do a proper and thorough examination and do the necessary treatment on the affected muscle and joints.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is also part of the soft tissue massage therapy used to supplement chiropractic adjustments. When there is buildup of lactic acid in the muscle itself, it can form a ball like knot inside the muscle. This causes muscle spasm and muscle strain. This is called trigger points. These trigger points needs to be resolved to avoid further spasm and strain.

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