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Postpartum Treatment

Helping New Mothers

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Childbirth either natural birth or via cesarean surgery can be a highly traumatic, yet beautiful experience for the body.

Months before childbirth, the female body produces relaxin, which is a hormone that loosens up the body joints to prepare the hip for birth. This may also cause a lot of joints to go out of alignment.

For this reason, so many new mothers experience back and hip pain.

Other Common Conditions During or After Pregnancy

One common condition that most new mothers experience is pelvic girdle joint pain. This is a condition that only happens during and after pregnancy that may cause stiffness and limitation of movement in the pelvis bones. It generally causes pain in the pubic area of the pelvis bone. It is also called pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

New mothers also experience pelvic floor dysfunction. This is caused by the weakness of the musculature of the pelvis internally. Patients often experience discomfort in their pelvic region. They lose their ability to control the pelvic floor muscles causing incontinence, frequent urination, painful urination, constipation, and lower back pain. This happens when the muscles of the pelvic floor lose their ability to contract and relax normally. Chiropractic postpartum physical therapy can help solve this problem.

Low Back Pain

Lastly, most postpartum patients experience low back pain. Research shows that as high as 95% of new mothers experience back pain due to excessive strain on their low back during delivery and the third trimester. Breastfeeding may also cause strain on their lower back because of the position often held when the child is eating.

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