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Dr Chen adjusting manChiropractic care is not just for patients with back pain and neck pain. Our chiropractors are experience when it comes to pain and disease related to the spine, bone, muscle and nerves. Most of these conditions respond very well to chiropractic treatments.

Our way of treatment is through hands-on manual therapy which means we don’t prescribe medication and drugs. We also don’t perform surgery or injection. All our treatment is safe, gentle and suitable to patients of all ages. You might hear some sound during your chiropractic adjustment and those are the joints of your body moving into place. Chiropractic adjustment can be a relaxing and enjoyable therapy when you are relaxed.

Before adjustments, the chiropractor will perform thorough examination and test to ensure that the patients are ready and suitable for chiropractic adjustment therapy. Either X-Ray or special test will determine that if the patient can receive chiropractic adjustment safely.

Research shows that not only chiropractic adjustments is most effective in treating acute and chronic pain, it also has the least side effect compared to conventional medication and drugs. Patients of all ages are suitable to undergo chiropractic adjustment as different force and vector is applied when treating pediatric and geriatric patients.

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