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Exercise Therapy

Woman running on roadOur chiropractors understand that to stay healthy and get rid of pain, the body needs exercise and movement. As the saying goes ‘motion is lotion’. Yet for someone with knee pain, running a marathon might not be the best idea.

Exercise is the best thing you can do for your body whether to get rid of pain or to maintain personal wellness. Yet, not all exercise is suitable for everyone. Certain people must avoid certain movement due to the position of their spine and joints. Certain movement can be counter-benefit to their body.

Our chiropractors are the best person to advise you on your body need for exercise and movement. They can check to underutilized muscle and advise you on the exact exercise for that particular underutilized muscle.

Here at Helios Chiropractic, we also prescribe exercise therapy as supplement to our chiropractic adjustment to help rehab and facilitate healing. Certain injury will require certain exercise to build back muscle strength and composition.

Importance of Posture

Maintaining perfect posture also requires more work than you think. Certain posture exercises need to be performed on a regular basis to train the body to sit and stand straight. If you have a postural issue where your spine is not completely straight, you will need to go to your chiropractor to know which exercise is the best suit for your spine.

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