Physical Therapy for Scoliosis

Physical therapy for scoliosis are very important to human body, as incorrect posture problem such as sit can lead to serious condition for scoliosis.

Defined by curvature and rotation of the spinal bones resulting uneven hips and spine, this condition causes distress to the patients’ physical and mental wellbeing. Muscle imbalance normally is noticed in patients. There are two major type of scoliosis. A C-Shape Curve and an S-Shape Curve. Most scoliosis cases are idiopathic, which means no specific cause is successfully identified. Though, posture plays an important role to prevent scoliosis.

Early stages of scoliosis are usually not noticeable unless you get your spine checked properly by a chiropractor. Scoliosis can progress and become worse very quickly during adolescent, therefore, early management and correction is paramount important. Statistically, young females are more likely acquire scoliosis compared to their male counterpart.

During the growing stage of adolescent, chiropractic adjustment works best to correct the curvature of the spine as the end plates of the spine is not fused yet. Until the spine fully mature at puberty, that is the best period of time to make the most changes to the spine.v

As posture can also cause the spine to curve, it means people can also get scoliosis later during their adult life. Slipped disc and spondylosis are main causes of adulthood scoliosis. Both issues can be corrected with chiropractic adjustment.